Building value through

deep digital expertise,

testing and collaboration.

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Driven by data and customer insights, we focus on what really matters.

Mastering all marketing and eCommerce tactics is not easy. We help our portfolio companies achieve their full potential by implementing best practices in acquisition, site experience and retention to maximize customer lifetime value.

Traffic Generation

We help our companies test and optimize across a broad array of channels and tactics.

Conversion / Upsell

We continuously test and improve site experience based upon usability, consumer behavioral insights, creative, pricing and personalization.

Customer Repeat

We use segmentation and lifecycle marketing to drive incremental contribution from existing customers.

Our proprietary tools, relationships with best-in-breed partners and collaboration among our teams helps our portfolio companies to accelerate their growth.

Digital Fuel Tools

Proprietary dashboard and best practices frameworks facilitate evaluation of new investment opportunities as well as post-investment optimization.


Portfolio companies communicate with each other regarding tactics, vendors and best practices through our portfolio-wide Slack channel, on exclusive best-practice webinars and at the DFC annual summit.

Collective Buying Power

Leverage collective buying power for portfolio company vendors and agencies.

Our Extensive Network

Our best-in-class network of eCommerce and digital marketing executives, advisors, technology providers and agencies take the guesswork out of strategy.